Supporting Mental Health in Greater Moncton

Residential Application


  • aged 19 or over
  • physical health: functional
  • shows an interest and/or ability to live independently (with minimum supervision)
  • open to suggested activities and life skills training and accepts to sign contract
  • has an assigned case manager (professional from Mental Health field)
  • diagnosed with a mental illness

Request for Admission

The case manager (nurse; social worker; psychologist…) must fill out the request for admission (description of present situation, case history, present need of support for apartment/residence living).

Requests for admission are studied by the Admission and Discharge Committee which meets monthly or as needed. The committee’s decisions are reached according to the urgency of the situation, the client’s needs, and the availability of space and funds to meet these needs.

The Necessary documents are available for download below.

  1. Admission Requirements
  2. Residential Application